Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Winter Landscape
by Stéphanie Papin

Hi my dear 2 CRAFTY CHIPBOARD friends  !
Stéphanie here with you today to spend some time before our Christmas Eve.
I am happy to be here with you to share my December project.
The year has passed so quickly, and December also!
I must say I'm pretty excited today about the holiday season, it's always a wonderful
time, and I love it.
 In December I feel good, there is Christmas, children gifts to think, to buy,  the Christmas
 tree to decorate,  the Christmas decorations in the house, (... also my birthday _ ^ ^) and
especially a winter and joyful atmosphere that I love!
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So for December, how can we not scrap a winter project? It is almost impossible!
 Everything around us reminds and inspires us of this!
So today I'm her to share this winter landscape canvas.
I worked on a 3D support, a canvas, it's great to work on this support.
The basis of my project, I was inspired by this little birdhouse that I found, 
it is  very pretty.  It is a decoration that I found in a shop among the Christmas decorations.
  I liked 
this birdhouse a lot because these colors are very interesting. This white reminds
 me of the snow in winter and the pieces of wood  remind me of the color of our chipboard!

Therefore I chose to leave the chipboard in its natural raw state. I find the 
natural look reminds me of  the color of the wood of the box.
Among the big collection of chipboard available on the 2Crafty site, there was this 
floral design that I really liked  for this project because it reminds me the flakes. 
 It is really original! It is so delicate! It is impressive to see the details of this so fine 
 chipboard. It's great!
Here on this floral chipboard, I've just added some touch of white gelato, dry without water. 
 It's beautiful and a little grainy.
I used one of Mini Words from Set 1, a short word, and a word that reminds me of the
atmosphere of joyous season!
These little words are always interesting, and I use  them a lot! 
To provide more detail, I have added some of the Circular Panel here and there, cutting off
the required amount and adding where needed, I love how easy it is cut up, gives you more
freedom in how to use it.

 A few close-ups for inspiration and so see the details - I hope you enjoyed my project!

 For now, I would like to wish you a very happy Christmas Eve, and good times
  with family and friends this holiday season.
 I will be back next year with some delightful new projects!
 See you soon everyone!

2Crafty Products Used :
 Mini Word Set 1 (units of 3)
Leafy Rounds (unit of 3) 
Circular Panel (unit of 3)
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Debbi Tehrani said...

OMGoodness, Stephanie! This is so creative and oh-so-gorgeous!

Nicole Doiron said...

This is so beautiful Stephanie! A true masterpiece!!! I wish I could see it up close and personal!

Marilyn said...

Gorgeous canvas Stephanie! xx

Belle à cropper said...

What a great idea !! It is so beautiful ! I love it !

Janice Nicholls said...

Gorgeous ....Love the close up photos showing the details, colours and the chippie elements. Loved reading your creative process...Thanks for sharing. Love it! x

Fiona Paltridge Designs said...

Stephanie I have no words for this amazing canvas!!! It is beyond explaining it is THAT good!!!