Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Vintage Notebook by Elena

 Hello 2 Crafty fans! Elena here today!
I love when I get orders for notebooks that are unusual! For a grandmother I have not had to do:)))
but the work was more interesting and inspired! I put my heart into every detail, took into
 account the wishes and interests of the future owner of the notebook.

The name plate was placed in a carved chipboard frame from 2Crafty Chipboard.
 It is covered with  embossing powder from Lindy's and toned with wax Prima White Gold.

The name plate I printed on the printer, and then close the thick film, so as not to get
 lost  and dirty. Chipboard is glued to the cover and further strengthened with brads.

AI added all the most beautiful lace and brand new Prima flowers.
I just love these tassels! I specially attached a contrasting color to make
 it more visible on the background of the cover.

I added a small envelope to the flyleaf, which plays a decorative role and can
 serve as a house for some notes, photos, etc.memorabilia.

On the other side I decorated the frame for the photo with carved leaves,
chipboard Lattice Leaves and metal suspension.

I used a collection of paper "Forest Secrets" from EcoPaper. On the substrates
 for photos, layers and parts - different other paper, suitable in style and palette.

The headline 'HISTORY' of the first separator announces that grandmother will tell us
 many amazing and instructive stories :))) I imagine that my grandmother could lead
 such a book, and decades later, her great-grandchildren would read the pages, and my
 grandmother would invisibly be near! It is a pity that there are only photos, most of 
 which do not even have dates...

Openwork chipboard is like a grid in a garden full of flowers. I added a picture of a little
 girl walking in the garden. May be grandma remembers her childhood in these pages,
surely she has something to tell :))))

The second separator is about home and hobbies.

Grandmother embroiders beautiful pictures, so I added a piece of canvas with miniature
embroidery, which I made especially for her. Put a needle with a thread, because the
embroidery is not finished yet:))))  Circuit of the pattern is under the canvas, I
dented it and aged in tea.

Page for photos I decorated with vintage key, which plays a practical role.
 Pulls the anchor with brad to the opening part should be easier to fix.

Inside the envelope for photos

The third separator can be devoted to anything! Such wonderful cards in this collection!
Very emotional! It is translated as "Silence on the fingertips"

As the main decoration is elegant chip twig with curls.
I embossed its with two powder: beige and pink.

Tracery chipboard doily decorates a page with a circular frame for the photo.

 Another page for photos I decided to issue in the form of window with opening shutters.
 Shutters fix the metal attached to the brad at the top.

 The shutters are open, and in the window we will see a photo, part of
which will close the snow-white curtain of lace.

The last separator about family. Stories, memorable dates, significant events and
 ordinary everyday life-how is interesting for reading!
 Sprigs of ivy chip wrap around the card with a bird.

 I always add an envelope, because it can hold photos, and notes with recipes, and old letters.

 You can see the notebook in the video:

2Crafty Chipboard used:
Hope you got some ideas for your future use of 2 Crafty chipboards & I hope you 
enjoy the selection of chipboard that I have chosen for my notebook. Thank you very
 much for your visiting today! 

See you !


Di Garling said...

This is absolutely beautiful Elena.

Karen.C said...

Absolutely Stunning.

Sabee said...

This is so gorgeous!!! I love it so much!!

Emzascrapper said...

So much beauty on each page. Very inspirational.

Rachael Funnell said...

WoW! too that notebook Elena.... 💗

MARIE S said...

Quel travail, incroyable !!!

Lisa Amiet said...

So much detail! Gorgeous!!